Local football team goes pink for breast cancer

“Just gives our team an opportunity to give back to the community and raise awareness about beast cancer and try to find a cure and research for it,” says senior, Gage Everson.

It’s a battle some of these players are seeing firsthand at home with their families.

## ## “When they came up with this idea last year of wearing pink in support of people who have breast cancer along with to raise money and give back to the community kind of brought tears to my eyes,” says Missy.

Coach Chad Hanson says its gives these players’ life lessons on and off the field.

“It makes them aware of some of the disease and illness that’s out there, that effects so many people and again it gives them the chance to work at raising money to support something that,” says Hanson.

So from pink jerseys to pink socks, the night will represent a support system for those fighting to survive and tackle it head on.

“I hope we can keep this going as long as we can and it’s a really important thing for people to learn about breast cancer and spread the word to help it find a cure,” says Olson.

Missy says, “There are others in the community that have had breast cancer and are fighting it right now. It gives them a chance to say hey someone’s fighting for us. They’re on our side.”

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