Younger readers might not like the Blue Pheasant

Metroactive Bars Clubs

## ## Ambience: The purple Mercedes in the crowded parking lot told the whole story. The Blue Pheasant basically exists as a meat market for middle aged divorc or for middle aged married couples who want to go and shake their stuff on the dance floor while they still can. The people there were very friendly and talkative, but they mainly concerned themselves with slugging down expensive fruity drinks and getting crazy to the disco sounds that the DJ spun. Younger readers might not like the Blue Pheasant (unless they’re into playing the gigolo or in a serious hunt for a sugar daddy), but a 50 year old who just divorced a wealthy CEO will love the opportunity to go, get funky and cruise for casual sex.

Ambience: Take up thy arms and walk! Down to the Britannia Arms, where people gather to quaff Guinness and enjoy the warm atmosphere of the Cupertino branch of this chain of British pubs. On busy nights, the large room and patio areas will both fill up with people looking to tie one on in the company of good blokes and lasses, enjoy a rousing foosball competition or just sit back and listen to the band play. The jerseys of the many rugby and soccer teams that the Arms sponsors hang on the walls, and the teams will drop in after games occasionally. Young students, professionals and older regulars all mix together in true pub fashion.

Ambience: The Duke’s red faux velvet booths and upholstered walls conjure a watering hole on the other side of the Atlantic. So, too, do the dozen British Isles lagers on tap and the patio rimmed by a wrought iron fence that could be somewhere in London. But the Duke’s no dive; even the dartboard is tucked in a corner to avoid ruining the well kept feel of the place. While the occasional long vowel can be heard around the bar, the place isn’t an Anglo enclave its clientele spans the South Bay spectrum. With Springsteen and fellow red blooded rockers piped through the speakers, were the real Duke of Edinburgh to visit he’d know exactly what side of the pond he was on.

Ambience: Hidden behind a short row of stores in the midst of a sea of housing developments, the Peacock faithful know they won’t be hassled in getting just what they want: a pop and some play. No, not that kind. More than half of the Peacock’s space is dedicated to afterdeck sports, and the establishment has several ongoing leagues and competitions to spice things up. This isn’t Dave and Buster’s, though; Frilled Tecate flags and strings of orange jalapeno lights provide the backdrop and a strong cast of regulars dominate the bar, all lending a down home atmosphere.

Ambience: A bartender at the Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge told me that the Lounge was a great place to “bring a girl and get laid after paying too much for a drink.” That seemed about right. When my attorney and I arrived, we settled in front of the eternal flame burning in the middle of a bubbling cauldron of water lit from below. This was where we belonged; the place had such a heavy Vegas vibe, we couldn’t help but feel at home. Every available surface was covered in either red velour, mirrors or a fake tree. The chairs were all very low to the floor, but we finally managed to pull ourselves up and made our way to the door, buying a pie in the restaurant out front and singing old Sinatra tunes as we drove off in our rented Cadillac.

Ambience: Friday’s has two happy hours a day (4 7pm and 10pm 1am), and neither period is misnamed; the place is downright bubbly all night. The wait staff scramble around in candy cane colored jerseys serving fruity drinks to twentysomethings, many of them gaggled together to celebrate something. And Friday’s keeps everyone’s tummies full by keeping its kitchen open until 1:30am. As a result, the youngsters always hunting for a snack regardless of whether they’ll be served a drink fill the place to closing time. The outfit’s prize oddity, among a collection of old marching band instruments and street signs, is a two story circular phone booth that seems well on its way to becoming an antique itself. Some baby boomers can still be seen making calls from it on occasion.

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